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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want on LinkedIn

With more than 200 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the premier destination for online professional networking. If you aren’t getting the results you want when you use LinkedIn for business, however, one of these three common problems could be the reason why. The good news: They’re all easy problems to fix.

LinkedIn Profile Recommendatations1. Your LinkedIn profile is boring. Either your profile isn’t complete or it just doesn’t stand out from the competition. LinkedIn’s research indicates that members are 40 percent more likely to get results with a complete profile. So complete yours.  LinkedIn helps you complete your profile by recommending sections you should add. But there’s more to a complete profile than just entering data in fields. When creating your profile, you need to really think about who you want to reach and what profile content will attract your audience. Be clear, concise, and use appropriate keywords that your targets might search for. Also, give your profile some pizzazz by adding media links to images, videos, documents,  or presentations.

2. You’ve become a pushy salesperson. I hate when I connect with someone new on LinkedIn and am immediately bombarded with sales messages, pleas for jobs, and so forth. You probably do too, so don’t do it others. Instead, focus on engaging with people, providing value, and demonstrating expertise. Sure, it’s fine to mention what you offer or what you’re looking for on your profile or in your updates, but don’t overdo it.

3. You’re sitting back, waiting for great things to happen. There’s so much more to LinkedIn than just creating a profile and adding connections. Start looking at everything else LinkedIn has to offer. Join groups and participate in the conversation. Update your status regularly. Become an active participant, not a quiet bystander. Create an action plan with specific activities you can do in 10 minutes a day.

Although using your profile is the best way to connect with other people on LinkedIn, don’t forget to create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business. More tips on Company Pages are coming in a future post.

About the Author

About the Author: Pacific Ridge Media founder Patrice-Anne Rutledge is a content marketing strategist who offers content marketing consulting and training to clients worldwide. She is also the author of numerous books from major publishers including Using LinkedIn, Using Facebook, WordPress On Demand, Teach Yourself Google+ in 10 Minutes, and The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking. You can find Patrice on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ .


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  • Sara Wretstrom

    How do you recommend approaching people on LinkedIn so that you don’t come across as pushy?

    • Patrice-Anne Rutledge

      Focus on building relationships first by becoming active in relevant groups, commenting on updates, and contributing your own quality commentary. Then when you approach people, you’re no longer a stranger. Also let your profile do the “selling” for you by clearly articulating who you are, what you offer, and what you’re looking for.